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Mortgage Protection Call Back Appointments

How much more money could you make if you didn’t have to Prospect?

What if you could get as list of homeowners who want to find out how their home could be paid off if they should die or be diagnosed with heart attack, stroke, or cancer?


We have the prospects and we need you to call them.


These call back appointments are exclusive.


No One Else gets these appointments. They're just for you.




You wake each morning knowing that all you have to do is call people who are expecting you hear from you and give them information they're wanting to know.


No more cold calling...

No more door knocking...

No more sitting by your phone hoping it rings...

No more validating leads...


Imagine how much more money you could be making.


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Morning, Afternoon, or Evening

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We'll let you know what time of day is best for you to call each prospect.

Call Recordings

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You'll get a recording of every call so you know as much as you can about each prospect
Financial Planner

Guaranteed Accurate Contact Information

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For each call back appointment, you'll get their correct phone, address, and more.

Qualified and Exclusive

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These call back appointments are made just for you with prospects who want to learn about mortgage protection options.


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Getting your call back appointments is easy.

1. Contact us to get started

2. Tell us how many you want.

3. Determine what area you want to prospect.

4. Complete the ordering process.


That's it! Once this is complete, you'll receive notification and confirmation for each prospect. 

The following is an example spreadsheet you'll receive. This shows all the information about each prospect.

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Want to hear a sample call?

Here is the bad news: because of the exclusive nature of this program, areas are limited, so you'll need to act quickly before someone else claims your area.

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