MEGA Marketing


aka How to Find More People Who Want Your Product or Service

How to Use Marketing to Dominate Your Competition

Smart use of recruitment advertising, lead generation, and brand building resources will result in drawing agents and consumers to you. Over the past 20 years, we've used countless tools and systems to help our clients, choosing to use only those that have the largest return on investment with the least amount of effort. These tools and systems can now help you build and grow. See below for a list of what we use, and then click on each one to learn more. 

Voice Broadcasting

Creates 40 Hours of outbound calling delivering 80 to 100 inbound agent inquiries.

We’ll have it recorded by a professional voice over actor.

We’ll then train you on use of the system and provide tech support.

Benefit: This will create immediate inbound calls from interested agents that want to work with you.



Online Marketing

Website design and/or website optimization to attract both consumers and partners.

Original content creation for the website such as articles and blogging on topics specific to your offers.

Generate high quality back links to the site to establish authority and rank higher in online searches.

Create Social Media posts on LinkedIn and Facebook to expand reach even further and engage new customers and agents.

Benefit: Creates even more agent and consumer interest.

Email Marketing

Set up of an email marketing system for you to stay in front of contacts, prospects, and clients for increased credibility and product promotion. Import contacts from LinkedIn or other databases. Training available for Accelerated and Dominance campaigns.

Benefit: Stay in front of agents with info about your brand and programs.

Private Label Lead Program

Manage and implement a lead program for your agents. Provide lead tracking system for each agent. Create marketing materials to promote these leads to your agents.

Benefit: Having a fully managed lead program for agents will drive more sales and create a value add for you to be competitively superior while generating an additional source of revenue for your agency.


Wholesale Club Marketing and Advertising Services

Additional marketing, advertising, and Done For You services will be offered at cost plus 5% service fee.

Benefit: Bulk email, Done For You LinkedIn, and Discounted leads make you more competitive. What you can save on leads alone can pay for the mega marketing program.

     We offer these marketing services at three different levels of commitment. Each one is designed to use the tools included at full capacity. The difference in levels is in the tools themselves being used, with the exception of Email Marketing. With more commitment to your growth comes more support with your email marketing strategy. See below for more details. If you'd like to schedule an exploratory call with us, you may do so at the bottom of this page.

Here's What You'll Get:






$8000/mo VALUE

Please Call for our Wholesale Discounts. We have comprehensive packages to fit almost any budget.


Choosing to sign up for our Mega Marketing Dominance campaign gives your agency a way to get the whole shooting match at a very reasonable cost. We're happy to provide you with any of these services one at a time, but the value can't be overstated when you make the choice to dominate.



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