Over the last 20 years we have found ways to recruit that work like magic, creating more conversations with agents who want to join your agency than you could ever create on your own. 


This is our Recruitment Marketing Toolbox.

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Voice Broadcasting

  1. We guarantee 100 inbound LIVE agent calls per month.
  2. We help develop a voice broadcast message for your unique value proposition.
  3. A professional voice over actor records your message.
  4. We train you on use of the system and provide tech support.

Benefit: This will create immediate inbound calls from interested agents that want to contract with your agency.

COST: $1997/mo

LinkedIn Service

  1. Target your ideal prospects
  2. Build your LinkedIn list
  3. Send custom promotional messages to your NEW connections
  4. Import new connections into your email blast system.

COST: $1997/mo

Digital Marketing

  1. Secure your spot on the digital landscape with a new or improved custom website
  2. Get found on Google and other search engines, thanks to our SEO services package
  3. Create and build a custom Youtube channel
  4. Digital Syndication so you'll be seen across multiple internet locations under your brand

COST: $1997/mo

ChatBot Lead Capture

Automated Fb messenger communication with agents.

Benefit #1: Engages agents and drives them to schedule an appointment to speak with you.

Benefit #2: You only speak to agents when you want to and who are interested in your offer.


See An Example HERE.


COST: Call For Pricing (800) 515-4995

Geo Fencing

With our Geo Fencing service, you now have the ability to reach those people who are most likely to care about what you have to say. 

Target people in incredibly hyper local areas, meaning individual homes, buildings, events, trade shows, convention centers, and most importantly your direct competitors. You'll get 1.5 Million highly targeted ad impressions for a great price.

COST: $1497/mo

The Most Powerful Way to recruit is to use more than one of these tools at a time. This way, you'll be able to reach more agents and you'll reach them in different ways.

See below for the different Discounted Pricing Options and Bonuses for multiplying your recruitment efforts.

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 12.10.07 PM

“CHOOSE ONE TOOL” includes the following bonus:

  • 10% discount on all leads (optional)

“CHOOSE TWO TOOLS” includes the bonus:

  • 20% discount on all leads (optional)

“CHOOSE THREE TOOLS” includes these bonuses:

  • 30% discount on all leads (optional)
  • Discounted Local ($297) or National ($597) SEO (optional)