Lead Types

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Final Expense


Speak with seniors, age 50 - 79 with annual income less than $50K to help them have peace of mind, knowing their family won't be unnecessarily burdened with their final expenses.


Medicare Supplement


Help seniors, age 64 1/2+  have peace of mind knowing that their medical care can be paid for no matter what changes occur in regards to Medicare.


Mortgage Protection

Digital Branding - Live Prospect Leads LLC

Connect with recent home buyers, age 50 - 79 about making sure they can remain in their home if the unthinkable happens to their spouse or partner.


Spanish Final Expense

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Habla Espanol? Give seniors, age 50 - 79 with annual income less than $50K guidance to help ensure their family won't be burdened by paying for their final expenses.


Health Leads

33152446 - asian couple meeting financial adviser for investment planning.

Speak to people, ages 30-64, who want to save money on health insurance. 



Life Insurance Leads


Close more life insurance cases by having our telemarketers call and qualify aged life leads for you.



Indexed Universal Life

30222458 - senior couple meeting real estate agent

Meet with professionals age 40 - 59 1/2+ that have annual income of at least $50,000 and $100,000K net worth to show them this powerful wealth building tool.


42108830 - portrait of senior african american couple wearing running clothing in park

Show seniors age 59 1/2+ with income greater than $50,000 and $100K net worth how to make their money work for them with Annuities.