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"Hello Charles,
Just wanted to write you a quick e-mail letting you know that I am VERY pleased with the results from my first order of 25 FE Leads from LiveProspect. I still have lots of callbacks and future opportunities in that stack, but already I have been able to  meet w/ 2 clients for 11 applications and over $9000 in Annual Premium! On top of that, we are going to be looking at a few annuities for these clients when I deliver their life policies.
Just ordered my second batch of leads and I'm very excited to get cracking into those. Thanks again!"


Andrew A

Principal Broker and Producer

Hillsboro, Oregon

"I sold my first appointment I set. The Second lead is deliberating (along with her daughter) about whether to do a single-pay or a monthly pay plan. I will get her decision tomorrow. I wrote two more apps today, and I have another I would have written, but the lady called me needing to reschedule due to a family emergency. I have more than doubled my investment and I still have 12 more yet to contact from my first lead order of 25 leads."
Thanks Charles,
John G.
Columbus, OH

Looking for Exclusive Final Expense Insurance Leads?

Use affordable life insurance leads for agents that will get you speaking with more people, quicker, than any other local or national life insurance lead source, helping you earn more commissions. Our leads are more qualified than other senior burial insurance lead source and you'll get them quick. Within 10 days, you can have more appointments and more sales. In fact, agents routinely sell 6 out of 25  of our exclusive final expense leads.  Your search for exclusive final expense insurance leads is over.

What You want in a Final Expense Insurance Lead

You want what’s called the long script not the short script. The Short  script doesn’t ask the prospect as many questions such as “if you were to get coverage who would you want you beneficiary to be?” Or “if you were to get coverage what amount would you want information on, $5,000,$10,000, or $20,000. It saves the lead company money but gets you a prospect that doesn’t know what the call was about because it was over so quick.

What’s better: a call center or a Facebook final expense life insurance lead?

The reason Facebook Leads  are perceived as better is because the prospect is considered a higher educated buyer. That’s possibly truth and that’s why they are going to try to avoid speaking to an agent by asking for info online. And they expect to receive that info online consequently they are harder to reach by phone. The call center lead prospect on the other hand has already picked up their phone and spoken to a telesales Rep with the whole conversation being recorded agreeing to be contacted by our agent(you). You receive the recording with your lead and can gauge if this was a interested person. You can’t get that from a form that was filled out on Facebook. As a result an agent will receive more contacts with a call center leads. Think about it, if the final expense life Insurance Prospect picked up the phone once don’t you think they might pick it up again for you.

Does it matter if my Lead vendor has ever sold insurance?

Absolutely it matters. Most lead vendors haven’t sold insurance. They don’t know what you're looking for in a lead source. The owner of Live Prospect Leads was a successful senior life personal producing agent that knows how important a job Agents do and wants you to be successful with the leads.

Are some lead vendors also IMOs?

Yes they are and if you are a small agency these lead vendors will poach your agents. We are not a IMO, we are strictly a lead provider. We just want to be you and your agent’s final expense lead vendor for life.

Do you replace leads?

If you feel there is something wrong with a lead make a note of it on your lead spreadsheet and we will investigate it. If we deem there was something wrong with it we will replace it. Quality Control involves everyone and we appreciate your feedback.

Who are "Qualified" Final Expense Insurance leads?

Our leads are exclusive to you and only you. We don't resell any prospect information to anyone else at any time. These prospects are between the ages of 45-80 and have an annual in come of less than $50,000. They are the perfect demographic to benefit from burial or Final Expense insurance to ease the burden that will otherwise be put on their loved ones. They are ready for a low cost solution to a substantial out of pocket expense that others would need to pay at a time when they are grieving. These products can help your client help their friends and family one last time, and all you need to do is give them the opportunity.

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