Exclusive leads don't have to cost $300 each. Decrease your lead budget and increase your profits.

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Annuity Prospects - Who Are They?


These prospects are 55-75 with $50K - $250K income, have spoken with one of our highly-trained U.S. based operators, and have answered qualifying questions to ensure they are a good prospect.

We Mention Your Name TWICE and the fact that you are a retirement planning expert in their area.


  • We ask if they have At Least $50,000 in investable assets


  • We ask if they are interested in learning about tax free programs (IUL)


We then get a commitment from them for you to give them a call to discuss these retirement programs with them.

You'll Get a Recording of Every Call!

Lead Delivery


Our Prospects are Delivered with Guaranteed Accurate Information. When we receive the information, we put it into a Spreadsheet and share it with you. You'll get your prospects in real time, as we receive them.

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About Our Guaranteed Leads



In order to become a lead, these prospects must provide complete contact information including their name, physical address, and phone number. 

Do we guarantee the information? Yes we do! The exclusive annuity lead contact information is guaranteed, and we'll replace any lead that does not have a valid name, a valid phone number, and a valid physical address

We also guarantee delivery of your order! Some lead companies will take your money and leave town, never delivering a single lead. Not us! You'll get your full order from Live Prospect Leads.



Exclusive Leads!

When you purchase our exclusive annuity call back appointments, we also guarantee to give each annuity prospect to only you. With our leads, you won't call and have the prospect say, "You're the third person who has called me today about this." This person is being given only to you. As you can see, we really do mean exclusive annuity leads.

Considering you'll make 5X your investment with just one sale, our targeted annuity prospect system is a no brainer. 

Forget door knocking
Don't bother with direct mail
No need to pay thousands to host a seminar
Call us to pay by check and begin your order!

Here's What You'll Get:

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Qualified prospects expecting to hear from you with information about annuities and investment options.

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A real time spreadsheet that shows each new lead in "real time" when we receive it.

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A recording of every call

If you're ready to spend your time talking to 

exclusive, targeted prospects with high lifetime value, 
at an affordable cost, 
CALL US  to pay by check and begin immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they resold?

No! These are exclusive. This means they are only created for the agent who orders them.


What are the demographics of these leads?

Age 55-75; $50,000-$250,000 income; at least $50,000 in investable assets.


How soon do I get my leads?

Your campaign will begin within 15 days. We reserve the right to take up to 45 days to complete your order.


How do I receive my leads?

You'll be given a link to a Google spreadsheet. On this sheet will be all your leads. They will be added in real time, as they come in.


How much are the leads?

You'll get 20 leads for just $1994. That's only $99.70 each!


What form of payment do you take?

We only take payments by check, over the phone, for instant payment. Once your instant payment is processed, we'll begin your order.