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Agency building doesn't have to take a long time, and it doesn't have to be difficult. Our Live Recruits system has been helping agencies build and grow all over the United States easily and affordably, and within the first month, they have been able to speak with 80 - 120 new agents who were interested in joining. It's not a fluke. It's not a flash in the pan. It's a tested system that works. See below for what others have recently said about Live Recruits.

"If you are ready to take the training wheels off and get busy, I mean really busy, recruiting agents using a method that will generate 40-50 inbound calls per session... then Live prospects is your vehicle. If not, stay off the road cause we are in the fast lane now."

Richard, Arkansas

Live Recruits is...
> Pre-Qualified Live Transfers


Receive Calls from Licensed Insurance Agents every month.

Custom Message: Receive a professionally copy written recruitment message describing your opportunity recorded by our professional voiceover actors.


Very Affordable and no contracts.

Great for seminar recruitment

Full training and tech support.

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We will have you receiving calls within a week. 

Live Recruits Keeps You in Control

Digital Recruitment Marketing Agency Building | Live Prospect Leads
You Control what days and times you receive calls from agents interested in joining your team.
Fits your schedule, turn it on when you want to speak with agents, turn it off when you're done.
Contact us before your competition does, because we are limited to 20 agencies using this system nationwide.

Try it for a month and you'll see...

-Works Great
Tell us in which state(s) you want to build,
Let us know your unique value proposition,
You'll begin receiving live agent phone calls within a week.
You can receive 50 - 100 calls every month from agents wanting to join. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I hear an example of a message?

A. Here are some examples of messages we are doing.

Q.What do I receive?

A.You get guaranteed 50 - 100 inbound calls each month from agents.


Q.How long does it take to get that many inbound calls?

A. That depends on how many hours you use the system. It’s not uncommon to receive more than 10 calls in a day.


Q. How does this work exactly?

A.We have a voice broadcasting system loaded with a custom designed message just for your agency’s offer. We call a targeted list of insurance agents and when they pick up their phone we play the ad. We instruct them to press 1 on their phone for more information. When they do they transfer live to you or your assigned recruiter.


Q. When do the calls come in?

A. That is entirely up to you. We set up the system for you. You turn it on when you want to receive calls and turn it off when you're done. You can call between 9am to 5am it the time zone for your target state. We recommend not going over 4 hours.


Q. I’m not very high tech. Is this complicated to set up?

A. Not at all. We set up your system for you and train you how to use it but if you can login and press the on button you will start receiving calls. After that we handle the tech support for your recruitment system.

Q. After I turn on the system how long before I start receiving calls?

A. There is a 20 minute warmup then calls start coming in every 15 minutes or so.

Q. What happens if I am on a call for longer than 15 minutes. Will I loose the new call coming in. 
A. No, the system recognizes that you are on a call an shuts down until you finish the call you're on. Sometimes if you have call waiting on your phone the system will not shut down but that’s not an issue, if you think your call will be going over 15 minutes you can manually turn off the system.
Q. Do I come up with a message for the broadcast myself?
A. We can write the copy for the message and have the voice over actors record it.
Q. What states can I recruit in?
A. What ever states are available and your licensed in. We will start with one or two states.
Q. Is this a robocall? I thought they were illegal. 
A. They are and they aren’t depending on who your calling. You cannot call consumers but you can call businesses. Agent’s are business people.
Q. What if someone asks me not to call them?
A. You want to honor that request and enter them into the do not call list in the system. It’s easy, we show you how.

Q. If I have agents lists can I put them in my system. 

A. Yes, we can help you do that.

Q. Do I have to do a contract to use the voice broadcasting recruitment system?
A. No it’s not necessary to do a contract but it could benefit you if you did. It will guarantee your area and your position in the program. We will only have 20 spots available.
Q. How soon can you get me up and running.
A. We will have you taking calls in 3 to 10 working days.
Q. Can I change my messages if I want?
A. Yes we charge $100 for each additional message.
Q. Can I change the phone numbers the calls come to?
A. Yes, we show you how to change the number in the system.
Q. Can more than one person take calls. 
A. Only if you have a way to transfer the calls that we send you to your number in the system.
Q. What if my offer isn’t as strong as my competition?
A. We can make your offer sound pretty good and we can mention our lead programs as yours. That always helps.
Q. Can I cancel at anytime? 
A. Yes of course but you won’t want to.