Agency Recruitment is the best way to grow your agency and be able to handle more clients.

As you know, there are many ways to do this. You can hold seminars or webinars, you can network on LinkedIn, you can send out direct mail pieces, you can cold call... the list goes on.

We've been helping agencies increase their agent numbers quickly and easily using many of these tools over the past 20 years, and we've found that some work far better than others.

One tool can bring in 80+ live phone calls from agents each month. Another tool creates connections within the best Business to Business networking community on the planet where you can find the exact agents you want to speak with. A third allows you to easily be found on the internet, telling about you and the great things you have to offer. Want to know more? Read below to see these and more options to help your agency grow.


Voice Broadcasting

We guarantee you'll receive 50 live calls every month. We create a professionally recorded message about your opportunity, then call agents’ phones and play it for them when they answer. If they’re interested, they’ll be transferred to you live. You have full control over when to turn on the system and when to turn it off.


LinkedIn Database Builder

We’ll reach out to those LinkedIn users who would be considered perfect connections for your business or opportunity, and we encourage them to connect with you. This can increase your network by hundreds per month, enabling you to generate many more substantial conversations with decision makers than other outreach methods.

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Annuity Leads

Our annuity leads are qualified, and their information is guaranteed to be accurate. Your order will begin within 30 days after funds have cleared. These are exclusive and won't ever be resold to another agent or agency.

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Geo Fencing

Reach your perfect prospect or your competitors customers wherever they are. Send your ads straight to their smartphone with this highly targeted approach.