Charles, Good day!
Just wanted to leave you a quick message on your lead system. This is so easy to use and the responses that I have received are crazy! The calls were coming in so quickly that I had to turn it off, it seems like they come in groups. Anyways, 1 app so far submitted and 2 in the works. Thanks!.

-Chris D. in NC

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how well the Top Agent Media campaign was going. My company started with 50 leads with Med Supp. We wanted to see how well these people would respond compared to our normal direct mail campaigns.


In our first week, we have not even completed all 50 leads (37 to be exact) and we have 30 new Med Supp clients and 10 of them also purchased Life Insurance while there. We have seen an AP in one week over $30,000 which had topped our old record of $24,000 in a week.


The thing that makes the campaign that much more profitable is the difference in COST!!! At the end of the day, no matter how much you write, you need to be profitable. Direct mail was costing us $1000 a month for 40 leads. Given the close ratio I have it was good money however keeping the same close ratio and cutting costs by over 60% with Top Agent Media, we have greatly improved our business!!!! Thank you to you and Charles and everyone at Top Media you guys have put our company on a new road to PROFITABILITY!!!!

Robert Hochman


Charles and Hillary,
I have been in the insurance business for 25 years from an agent position to branch and regional manager positions and have seen and used every lead program out there! To be honest, it mainly gave me a place to go and start trying to write business and get referrals. Direct mail, cold calls, telemarketing, Internet leads, phone book ads, signs, etc, they all were about the same…Until now! Live Prospect Leads has been amazing. I don’t spend hours on the phone chasing people who are getting calls from 5 different agents. When my phone rings now, it is a live prospect who wants a quote. Literally 10 minutes ago, I received my first call of the day, within minutes I had asked a few underwriting questions, quoted a rate, they accepted the appointment time and verified they wanted the premium drafted out of their bank account. This phone call just made me $2500. I would recommend any agent interested in fresh, hot, and NOT shared leads, to sign up with Live Prospect Leads immediately, you won’t regret it!


Lance Taylor
Branch Manager
Fundamental Agency


I’ve been impressed so far with the annuity leads. I had to develop a series of questions that would move people through process and had to kind of figure out how to work the leads, but I am happy with results. Even when prospects aren’t willing to see me right away I’m able to keep the door open for a return call. Everyone so far has had assets. So far qualified prospects. Calls don’t come in one after another so have time in between to catch a breath and do some work. The web page works from iPad or any web page and is very easy to operate. The training before I started the calls was great. And training even after the first couple of calls critiqued my way of calling, and that was great. Everyone has been professional about handling their jobs.

Keith H.
Archer, Fl


Where do I begin? This system is great. It is flawless if you don’t put too much thought into in. Remember, you are an order taker. Act like you work in the call center for Colonial Penn or MetLife. The most important thing to do is to be consistent. I have a script that works pretty well. However, the main thing is to be at this everyday and the results will follow. I’ve gotten to a point now where I know, I will make a sale as long as I am on the phone for at least 3-4 hours a day. I couldn’t be happier. I netted about $7,000 in just my first order. Not a bad return.

Stefan Belhomme


Just wanted to let you know that I’m thrilled with your program so far. After getting the bugs out, the next 8 transfers netted 6 appts and I was able to sell 4 of them. It’s a terrific return on my investment. Keep ’em coming.

Jim A
Concord, OH


Dear Live Leads,

We are a small and growing agency, and have not been able to use the service to its capacity. Nevertheless, with the few hours spent on the phones we have already received a 400% return on our investment, and $80,000 worth of potential annuity sales. This is extremely encouraging moving forward; we definitely see the opportunity.

Gary & Jodie Goldman 3/28/2014
Conyers, GAJ

Del, that’s great news, keep those live transfers coming in and use up all of the 100, I have also shared this great testimony with Charles, Jason and Eric.”

Gary D Jones, CLU®
President & Chief Operations Officer

Charles, my first week using Live Leads I sold $400.00 in monthly premium. “

Brent E. Yokely