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Here are example ads that our prospects respond to.

These ads rotate so there is no way to give you a static page where you can see these live. The responses we get are from Consumers. They're Annuity prospects who Want to Know More!

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Annuity Ad Sample 1

About Our Guaranteed Leads

The Internet ads we use are in places typically visited by people over the age of 50, people in the mature and senior markets who are most likely to buy annuities.

In order to become a lead, these prospects must provide complete contact information including their name, address, email, and physical address. This information is then verified as accurate through a third party service.

Do we guarantee the information? Yes we do! The exclusive annuity lead contact information is guaranteed, and we'll replace any lead that does not have a valid name, a valid phone number, or a valid physical address

When you purchase our exclusive annuity leads, we guarantee to give each annuity prospect to only one advisor or agent. With our leads, you won't call and have the prospect say, "You're the third person who has called me today about this." We share each lead with only one producer and these leads are generated only for the advisors and agents who work with us. As you can see, we really do mean exclusive annuity leads.

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