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Live Prospect Leads delivers targeted exclusive leads and mailing lists all year long from a variety of proprietary sources. See below for more information!o

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Annuities, Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, Medicare Supplement, Group and Individual Health Leads, Life Leads.


We currently have lists available for insurance agents and small businesses in any of the 50 states. Just choose your list type and state, and we'll contact you to complete the process.

Agent Recruitment

Attract new agents to your agency with our very effective voice broadcast messaging and delivery system. You could hear from over 100 agents in the next month!

 About Live Prospect Leads LLC

About Live Prospect Leads LLC

We offer Exclusive, Qualified Leads for a number of Insurance products. We're not an IMO. You can sell your own products or those from any IMO you work with. We want you to succeed and offer many different sources of leads for you to choose from. Looking for help closing the sale? Click "HOW TO FOLLOW UP WITH LEADS" at the top of this page to get some great tips and tricks. Have questions? Feel free to email or call using the contact information at the bottom of the page. Thanks for stopping by!

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20 Years Experience | Insurance Agent Recruitment Advisor | Lead Consultant | Agency Growth Expert
Charles Glassey
Charles Glassey
Founder & CEO

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Who are very pleased with live prospect leads.

We Now Have Lists Available! Whether it's Small Businesses or Insurance Agents, we can give you a list for any of the 50 States.

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